In-ear night guard to relieve clenching & teeth grinding

SOVN [sœʋn] is a smart night guard that helps you relax your jaw whenever you clench or grind your teeth.

Regain control of your sleep with SOVN .


Get your grinding & clenching under control

Unlike traditional mouth guard, SOVN is a smart wearable that monitors your jaw movement from the ear and interrupts the grinding/clenching as soon as it starts with soothing vibration.

The result: less grinding, less clenching, and less tension in the morning.


Our technology is based on proven methods that have been shown to reduce grinding duration & frequency in multiple clinical trials


Small, lightweight, and designed to stay on comfortably whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.


Track your daily statistics and get personalized insights about other factors that may trigger your grinding/clenching.


Targeting the behavior at its root

Research has consistently shown that providing a non-waking sensory (vibratory) feedback is effective in stopping teeth grinding & clenching episode as soon as it starts, without interfering with sleep.

SOVN takes this solution from the lab to your bedroom & help you regain control of your sleep.


The in-ear wearable is equipped with AI-driven microsensors that detect when you start grinding or clenching your teeth


SOVN sends gentle, soothing vibration that nudges you to automatically relax your jaw without waking you up


Track your data and get personalized insights about your clenching/grinding behavior, e.g. environmental factors that trigger it


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Relieve the tension

You can’t control your jaw when you sleep, but it has a huge impact on your teeth, head, neck, and back.

SOVN interrupts the subconscious muscular contractions with soothing gentle vibrations whenever you start grinding or clenching. This way, you can get back to relaxing and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

“The difference in tension before and after is evident, and that’s backed up by looking at the data… I definitely recommend others to try it.”


Understand the behavior

It’s annoying to wake up with sore jaws and headaches, and not knowing what happened during the night. With SOVN, you’ll always get the full picture.

It tracks how long you were clenching or grinding, and how many times it happened throughout the night. The app also helps you understand what triggers your teeth grinding / clenching so you can take steps to reduce it.

“It’s the only real solution for teeth grinding that I’ve found so far that actually uses modern technology. And I have the data to back it up”

Sally (USA)

Sleep in comfort

Did you know that poor, fragmented sleep can make your grinding / clenching worse? That’s why we spent a lot of time & care to make sure that SOVN is perfectly compatible with your sleep and your sleep routine.

Nothing bulky to insert in your mouth or wear on your face. Nothing to clean, wash or calibrate.

“I like that it buzzes me when I grind vs. mouthguard, which only covers the teeth… My partner is also sleeping better now as I grind less.”

Liza (the Netherlands)

Ready for your grinding relief?

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No. Most teeth grinding episodes occur during brief awakening (microarousal) in light sleep (Stage 1/2 Non-REM sleep). You are technically already half-awake and less likely to be disturbed by the gentle vibration.

In addition, previous studies have shown that sleep duration, sleep quality, and sleep architecture weren’t affected by the stimulus, and we saw the same result in our proof-of-concept study.


All the studies have shown that sensory feedback immediately reduces the duration of teeth grinding and clenching episodes, although the time it takes to see symptom reduction may vary.


No. SOVN is not a cure, and as a matter of fact, we don’t believe teeth grinding/clenching is a disorder that requires a cure.

In fact, we now know that grinding/clenching is a normal physiological response that have beneficial effects on our sleep. Unfortunately for some of us, this reflex has become excessive and causes all sorts of issues, but it doesn’t mean that the reflex itself needs to be eliminated.

SOVN is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. The device is intended only to help user manage their teeth grinding & clenching behavior.


Hopefully yes. We have designed SOVN to fit most ear sizes and are testing our prototypes with volunteers with a wide range of ear sizes.

If it doesn’t fit, you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee.


No. The vibration is quite gentle and short. Most likely, your partner or those around you will not even notice anything.


We only plan to manufacture 200 units of the initial production. The reservation secures your place in line to purchase one of these limited units.

Right before we start production, you will be contacted to complete and submit your order (and pay the remaining balance), which is expected to occur in December 2022.


Yes we do. We stand by the quality of our product and offer product warranty as well as money back guarantee.

For the first round of order we plan to ship to most countries in Europe, UK and USA.

Selina & Gabriel are the inventors of SOVN. Selina has a long track record of developing & launching medical devices while Gabriel has a data engineering background, where he managed complex large data projects for various tech companies.

After years of being frustrated by ineffective solutions, they decided to assemble a team to create a more effective solution for this common condition. We’re now a team of 15 engineers, developers, scientists, product designers & marketers on a mission to help you sleep better.