SOVN - The In-Ear Night Guard - SOVN - Manage Teeth Grinding and Clenching

A lasting solution

for teeth grinding & clenching

SOVN smart earbuds detect and interrupt grinding and clenching, in real-time. So you can get your restful sleep back

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SOVN pro-actively reduces teeth grinding & clenching during sleep

Smart earbuds detect
grinding & clenching in

Personalized audio nudges
restore restful sleep

Rebuilding healthy long-
term sleep habit

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latest science &

Contrary to traditional solutions for grinding & clenching, we can finally address the root causes of teeth grinding and clenching: sleep disruptions.

Sleep Focused

Minimising sleep disruptions is the key to get you back to restful sleep


Real-time analysis of sleep data and longer term trends


Unique insights program for your needs

We have experienced in our own lives the impact that grinding & clenching can have.

I struggled with teeth grinding for years, having suffered broken molars, uncomfortable mouthguards, and waking up feeling exhausted despite getting a full night's sleep. For years I tried all sorts of solutions, until I discovered that the underlying issue is actually sleep-related. Together with my partner Gabriel and a passionate team of scientists and product engineers, we're working on bringing lasting relief to many others struggling with the same issue.



Teeth grinding and clenching are linked to frequent disruptions during sleep (micro arousals).

SOVN tackles teeth grinding & clenching by targeting these sleep disruptions and improving one’s sleep in three steps: First, our advanced sensor technology and algorithms detect sleep disruptions in real-time; second, the earbuds create gentle, soothing vibrations to stop jaw movements without waking you; and third, in-app insights and guidance drive behaviour changes to maintain your healthy sleep.

The result: fewer sleep disruptions, less grinding & clenching, and more restful sleep.

Users typically experience an immediate reduction in grinding/clenching within a short period. However, individual differences may result in variations in results, especially regarding the time it takes to see improvements in symptoms.

No, SOVN is not a cure, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions.

Additionally, we don’t believe teeth grinding/clenching is a disorder that requires a cure. Studies have shown that teeth grinding/jaw clenching is a normal physiological response during sleep.

Unfortunately, for some of us, it has become excessive and causes various issues. But it doesn’t mean that the reflex needs to be completely eliminated.

That’s why SOVN is intended not to cure, but to support users in improving their sleep to better manage their jaw clenching/teeth grinding issues.

Yes, in our tests, SOVN has proven to be comfortable. The earbuds are tiny, smooth, and non-invasive, designed to provide a pleasant and user-friendly experience during sleep. This has been the focal point of our development efforts over the last two years. We tested different earbud shapes, angles, and configurations, and reduced the overall size of the earbuds to create something comfortable, especially for side sleepers.

SOVN accommodates different ear sizes and includes three ear tip sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for users. In our tests, it has proven to be comfortable for people with small ears.

The earbuds are designed to provide passive noise blocking but do not have active noise cancellation.

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