Smart teeth grinding and jaw clenching solution

SOVN [sœʋn] is 2 steps to tackle bruxism:
  • Smart, comfortable earbuds that sense your bruxism behaviours and nudge them to stop
  • A connected mobile app to track your behavior and understand your triggers

Go beyond the grind with SOVN.



Sense and soothe for better sleep

SOVN is our smarter solution to bruxism. The intelligent earbuds monitor your jaw movements non-invasively and interrupt teeth grinding or jaw clenching as soon as it starts, without disrupting your sleep.

The result? Better sleep, reduced tension and a protected smile.

More Responsive

Technology that interrupts bruxism behaviour, using methods shown to reduce grinding duration and frequency in trials.

More Comfortable

Tiny, lightweight earbuds designed to comfortably stay on whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

More Personalized

Track your daily habits and get personalized insights about factors that trigger your grinding or clenching behavior.


Tackle tension from the first grind

Bruxism research has moved beyond mouth guards. Recent research shows that non-waking sensory feedback can stop teeth grinding and jaw clenching as soon as it starts, without disrupting your sleep.


The comfortable SOVN earbuds use patented microsensors & artificial intelligence to detect when you start grinding or clenching.


The earbuds send out gentle, soothing vibrations which nudge your subconscious to relax your jaw without waking you up.


See your bruxism statistics on the app, and get personalized insights into factors affecting your grinding & clenching behavior.

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Less tension, fewer limits

You can’t control your behaviors while you sleep, but teeth grinding and jaw clenching can have a huge impact on your teeth, head, neck and back.

That’s why we developed SOVN. Our smart, sleep-compatible earbuds interrupt subconscious muscular contractions in your jaw with soothing, gentle vibrations. Waking up better rested, and with less tension, your day is on your terms again.

“The difference in tension before and after is evident, and that’s backed up by looking at the data… I definitely recommend others to try it.”


Understand your behaviors

Not knowing why you woke up with a sore jaw and headaches is frustrating. With SOVN, you’ll see the full picture.

Our connected app tracks how long you were clenching or grinding, and how many times it happened throughout the night. Alongside your personal data, you can also track the factors that affect your bruxism – environment, diet, lifestyle, mood – to reveal your triggers and equip you with the knowledge to improve them.

“It’s the only real solution for teeth grinding that I’ve found so far that actually uses modern technology. And I have the data to back it up”

Sally (USA)

Comfort-first design

It’s probably no surprise to teeth grinders and jaw clenchers that poor, interrupted sleep can make the behavior worse. We designed SOVN to be sleep-compatible and fit seamlessly with your sleep routine.

Nothing bulky or ugly to insert in your mouth or wear on your face. Nothing to clean, wash or calibrate.

“I like that it buzzes me when I grind vs. mouthguard, which only covers the teeth… My partner is also sleeping better now as I grind less.”

Liza (the Netherlands)

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No. Most teeth grinding episodes occur during periods of brief awakening (microarousals) in light sleep (Stage 1/2 Non-REM sleep). You are technically already half-awake and less likely to be disturbed by the gentle vibration.

Previous studies have also shown that sleep duration, sleep quality, and sleep architecture weren’t affected by the stimulus, and we saw the same result in our proof-of-concept study.

Providing sensory feedback during teeth grinding has been shown to immediately reduce the duration of grinding and clenching episodes.

However, individual differences may result in variations in results, including the time it takes to see improvements in symptoms.

No. SOVN is not a cure, and we don’t believe teeth grinding/clenching is a disorder that requires a cure either.

We now know that grinding/clenching is a normal physiological response that may have benefits for our sleep. Unfortunately for some of us, this reflex has become excessive and causes all sorts of issues, but it doesn’t mean that the behavior itself needs to be completely eliminated.

SOVN is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. The device and the accompaniment mobile app is intended only to help users better understand and manage their teeth grinding & clenching behavior, as well as improve their sleep.

Hopefully yes. We have designed SOVN to fit most ear sizes and are testing our prototypes with volunteers with a wide range of ear sizes.

If it doesn’t fit, you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee.

We’re currently in development and planning to start our beta test soon. Unfortunately we can no longer accommodate new applications to the beta test. However, you can sign up to our newsletter or join our community to be the first to know when we launch.

For the first round of orders, we plan to ship to most countries in Europe, UK, Canada and USA.

The company was founded in July 2020 after one of the co-founders (Selina) woke up after yet another poor night’s sleep with a sore jaw and a broken mouth guard. She searched for years for a better solution and found none, so together with partner Gabriel, she decided to develop her own.

Combining their experience in medical devices, data engineering and information systems, they assembled a team to create a more intelligent, effective and sleep-compatible solution. Behind SOVN is now an impassioned group of scientists, engineers, developers, product designers and marketers on a mission to help people reclaim their rest and live without limits.