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SOVN Media Kit

Last update: 14 December 2022

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About SOVN [”sœʋn”]

SOVN – the smart, sleep-compatible companion for teeth grinding and clenching.

We’ve developed the world’s first smart earbuds and connected app to reduce excessive teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism. The smart earbuds use a novel, patent-pending sensor technology combined with artificial intelligence to help users relax their jaws and reclaim their rest.

SOVN is not a medical device. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. The device is intended only to help users manage their grinding & clenching behavior, so they can sleep and live better.


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What is Bruxism?

Teeth grinding or jaw clenching (sometimes also referred to as “bruxism”) during sleep or wakefulness is a habit estimated to affect 85-90% of the population at some point in their lives. This is why experts now view bruxism as a normal behavior, rather than a disorder.

Some adults, unfortunately, experience it at higher frequencies and intensities, with a risk of severe problems like premature tooth wear, fractured teeth, facial and jaw muscle pain, migraines, headaches and tinnitus. Awake bruxism (AB) could affect 15-30% of adults, and sleep bruxism (SB) between 8-16% of adults, making it a relatively common but lesser known and understood issue. Currently, there are no effective treatments and no standard protocols for the management of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. That’s where SOVN comes in.

In our market research of 115 participants, we found that mouth guards (77%), relaxation and stress reduction techniques like stretching and meditation (57%) and prescription medications (10%) are the most common approaches people use to manage their bruxism. Botox injections (4%) are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those with more severe symptoms.

More than half of our surveyed ‘bruxers’ are highly dissatisfied with their current solutions, because they feel invasive, uncomfortable and ultimately ineffective at reducing their bruxism behaviors. Morning after morning, they still wake up with sore jaws, headaches, tense muscles and suffering from various issues due to excessive grinding and clenching.


What is SOVN?

SOVN is a set of smart earbuds and connected app that help users take back control of their subconscious behaviors to relieve tension, protect their smile and improve their sleep from bruxism.

The patent-pending technology in our earbuds monitors jaw movements non-invasively from the ear, and emits soothing, gentle vibrations whenever it detects teeth grinding or jaw clenching. This optimized haptic response nudges the user to relax their jaw, interrupting the bruxism episode without disrupting their sleep.

By stopping the behavior as soon as it starts, SOVN reduces the duration and cumulative impact on teeth, chewing muscles and jaw joints.

The sleep-compatible smart earbuds connect to our proprietary mobile app, where users can track their daily statistics and analyze the impact of factors that affect their bruxism – environment, diet, lifestyle, mood – with the help of a journal function.


The company was founded in July 2020 after one of the co-founders (Selina) woke up after yet another poor night’s sleep with a sore jaw and a broken mouth guard. She searched for years for a better solution and found none, so together with partner, Gabriel, she decided to develop her own.

Combining their experience in medical devices, data engineering and information systems, they assembled a team to create a more intelligent, effective and sleep-compatible solution. Behind SOVN is now an impassioned group of scientists, engineers, developers, product designers and marketers on a mission to help people reclaim their rest and live without limits.

All the research we’ve read, the experts we’ve interviewed and the hundreds of bruxers we’ve interviewed have made it clear: bruxism is a behavior to be managed, not a disorder to be cured. This radically changed the way we thought of the problem and the solution, which shaped SOVN’s current design: comfortable, connected earbuds that nudge bruxism behaviors to stop and a connected app to identify their triggers.

How does SOVN work?

More responsive

Multiple studies have shown how non-waking sensory (vibratory) nudges reduce the duration and frequency of grinding or clenching episodes without affecting sleep duration, sleep quality and sleep architecture (Minakuchi et al. 2022).

This is because grinding or clenching mostly happens during brief awakenings (microarousals) in periods of light sleep, known as Stage 1 and Stage 2 Non-REM sleep (Huynh et al. 2006).

More comfortable

Bruxers we speak to who have used mouthguards (including our co-founder Selina) say the same thing: they’re uncomfortable, ugly and fail to target the behaviors of grinding and clenching. SOVN is the smarter solution, with a comfort-first design. Unlike mouthguards, our earbuds are non-invasive, discreet, easy-to-use and fit comfortably for a better night’s sleep. It’s also reusable and durable and requires minimal maintenance, compared to mouthguards which need to be cleaned and replaced frequently.


More Personalized
With more personalized data in their hands, bruxers can take back control from their subconscious. We know some factors like stress are common to people who grind or clench, but we can also have individual triggers which are harder to identify. Our proprietary connected app uses data from our smart earbuds and a journal function to give users the bigger picture of their bruxism, and reveal their triggers – factors like alcohol and caffeine consumption, diet, medications, mood and many more.


Selina Tirtajana

Selina Tirtajana is a lifelong teeth grinder – a bruxer – who was tired (literally) of the solutions she was offered. She’s also an experienced health entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience developing and launching multiple “first-in-the-world” medical devices at Covidien, Medtronic and other start-ups, giving her both the expertise and the drive to tackle the chronic issue.

Gabriel Saenz

Gabriel Saenz is an all-round hacker/builder/tinkerer with 10+ years of experience in data engineering and information systems. In a previous life he helped manage large data projects for tech companies to improve the performance and value of their data assets; now he’s the leading mind behind SOVN’s AI-driven detection method and proprietary connected app.